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ART SGX Nitro Rack Processor
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Betreff: ART SGX Nitro Rack Processor
Verkaufe: ART SGX Nitro Rack Processor

Das sind die Infos, die ich im Netz über das Teil gefunden habe. Es ist gebraucht, wurde aber nicht sonderlich oft benutzt. Ob ich die Gebrauchsanweisung noch finde, weiss ich leider nicht. Es ist aber nicht sonderlich schwer einzustellen. Das Gerät ist ca. 7 Jahre alt.

Preis: VHB: 250 ,-

The SGX Nitro multi-effects unit combines the dazzling effects of ART's digital VLSI and applied analog technology . The result is an incredible programmable preamp, analog/digital effects processor offering a level of processing resolution with the sound quality multiple devices. 1U rackmount. Programmable Analog front end (Compressor, Overdrive/Distortion, Auto-wah,expander/gate)
Usual digital effects EQs, reverbs, delays,chorus, pitch shift, flanger, tremolo... plus sampling capability.
Also features guitar/bass tuner.
Features user selectable operating level (guitar high/low, line high/low) so may be used anywhere in your signal path, in front of amp, in fx loop, with separate power amp, in mixer aux send or insert etc
Stereo or mono inputs/outputs.
In-built mixer function ,programmable on per patch basis,allows user to mix dry signal, analog signal and digital signal. Midi spec includes patch select and up to 10 real-time continuous controllers.
  • 20KHz bandwidth
  • ASIC 24 bit digital integrated effects
  • Over 70 effects to choose from
  • Built in guitar/bass tuner
  • Better than 90 dB signal to noise ratio
  • Solid state preamp
  • Multi-function rotary encoder
  • Over two octaves of pitch transposing
  • 200 memory locations
  • Hundreds of factory presets
  • Pitch Transposer and Reverb combination
  • Over two octaves of multi interval Pitch
  • Five types of distortion
  • Sampling capabilities
  • Phaser
  • Performance MIDI
  • Headphone Output
  • Full programmability of all parameters
  • Programmable mix and level
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Assignable remote jack
  • Power supply contained in unit
  • 9 volt DC output jack
  • Full MIDI system exclusive codes
  • Random access keypad
  • MIDI data monitor
  • Programmable 7 band equalizer
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